“I’ve gone from having nagging chronic back and body pain to being able to push my body to the limits and being able to release and relieve the same muscles that had been holding me back for some many. Since starting Essentrics my balance, strength and flexibility have improved drastically and I feel 10 years younger, have more energy and confidence and sleep better at night!

I would HIGHLY recommend Milissa’s class as well as her amazing massages to anyone and everyone!”

– Clint


“I have always maintained a very active lifestyle. However, I have had frozen shoulder twice but since starting with Essentrics I have noticed increased shoulder mobility. Essentrics has also increased my strength, balance, flexibility, and tone. I love the classes for the instruction, the music, my personal growth journey and how stress just melts away through the class.

Milissa’s instruction is EXCEPTIONAL! She is always looking for ways to help her clients improve their movements using the Essentrics exercises.” 

– Diane


I go to a chiropractor twice a week to help me stay off heavy pain medication due to a motor vehicle accident. After only one Essentrics class with Milissa my chiropractor was amazed at how easily my shoulder slid into place. After my second class I was able to plant my large garden that night without the usual garden planting/bending over leg and back pain the next day. Thank you Milissa, this flexibility, mobility and ease of pain after only two classes has me excited about what else Essentrics can do for my body.

– Debbie


I have been seeing Milissa for a few years now. I have a chronic lower back condition that was made worse by crashing on my mountain bike and breaking 3 vertebrae. Milissa has helped me become active again by helping to reduce scar tissue, mobilize my joints and stretch my muscles. Her knowledge of anatomy and the techniques she uses make her treatments very effective.  I highly recommend her!

– Evelyne

I have been doing Essentrics with Milissa for over two years, during this time I have become stronger and more flexible. I no longer have pain or discomfort in my body, all of these improvements can be directly related to regular Essentrics classes!  
I have gone to Milissa regularly for over seven years for massage and during that time I regularly required extra attention to various parts like my arms, shoulders, lower back and neck….today I continue with regular appointments,however, most times now a can say that I am here for a relaxing massage!  
When I speak with and observe others my age and younger, I am proud to say “no I don’t hurt”!
Because of Essentrics I have learned exercises to relieve pain, a stiff neck,sore back muscles, strengthen fingers, toes and ankles along with a much improved balance!  I plan to become an active, fit and healthy “old lady”!
Thanks so much Milissa for introducing me to Essentrics and helping me to change my life! – Lynne

 I love how Milissa intuitively feels exactly what my body needs! So grateful to have her as my massage provider – Sherri