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Currently offering online classes allowing you the comfort to move in your own space and the flexibility to still join me even if you are traveling.

Class descriptions and further information below

Essentrics® is a dynamic full body workout that can help boost energy and reduce pain by improving range of motion, stimulating full body blood flow and increasing body awareness.


Essentrics® gets its name from a type of muscle action. Imagine you are doing a bicep curl, as you lift the weight your bicep muscle is contracting and shortening. This is called a concentric contraction. However, as you lower the weight your bicep remains contracted (otherwise you’d drop the weight on your toes) but it is lengthening through the contraction. This is known as eccentric contraction and this is where the magic is! In an Essentrics® workout we use our body as the weight, our limbs as levers (high school physics at its best!) and we dive into the muscle chains that run through our body; loading them up, making them incredibly strong and simultaneously lengthening them. After only a few classes I have seen a variety of affects evolve. Often clients report feeling taller, freer, or more balanced; aches and pains may begin to settle; joints may feel as though they are gaining range of motion;  your connective tissue may feel more pliable and less restricted; and your nervous system may feel more relaxed.

One of the many things I love about Essentrics® is that anyone can do it. This program ditches the antiquated adage of “no pain no gain” and instead follows a completely opposite principle that your movement shouldn’t be painful. Our bodies are designed to protect us and when you move into a position of pain your muscles will reflexively contract to protect… the polar opposite of what we are trying to do. Whereas, if you listen to your body’s cues and work through a comfortable range of motion, your body will relax, open up and release tension. Once we have less tension in our bodies we can use our awareness to build functional, intentional strength as opposed to reflexive guarding or gripping.

I offer a variety of class styles and intensities so you can find something that meets your needs, or even better, take a variety of classes and keep your brain and body guessing!

I began teaching Essentrics® in 2015, am fully certified in all 4 levels of the certification program and also mentor others who are passionate about teaching the technique. Because of my background in anatomy and massage, when I saw a demo of the technique on TV I could see right away how unique it was and also how therapeutic it would be for my clientele. I was also thrilled, and completely hooked, when it ended up  undoing all my own aches and pains that had accumulated from my career.

I cant help but share the power of this movement program.

Online Schedule – Please contact me if you’d like to join

Mindful Movement

Tuesdays and Saturdays 9am PDT

60 minute Essentrics® online class

A class for any age with a focus on joint mobility, posture, balance and body awareness to keep us feeling strong, mobile and confident in our bodies. There will be a combination of standing, floor and chair work.

Please contact me to join. I look forward to helping you meet your movement goals.