Massage Therapy

physiotherapy-567021_1920Massage has thousands of years of history as a healing practice; it is our nature to touch and massage our aches and pains. Advances in our understanding of human functioning, combined with a growing responsibility for personal health, has led to Massage Therapy being recognized as an important health profession with the ability to aid in the treatment of stress, chronic diseases and pains, acute injuries and a wide range of medical conditions.

Milissa earned her Diploma in Massage Therapy from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in 2009 and has maintained active status with the Massage Therapists Association of Alberta including regular continuing education and first aid.

She has experience in relaxation and stress relief, post surgery or MVA, general aches and pains and pregnancy massage.


Massage Therapy office located at Function First Pediatrics
8715 – 109 Street
Grande Prairie